Thanks so much for your great work. I’ve worked with a lot of great readers over the years, but you may be the best I’ve come across. I had no idea you could read complicated, long-form training that well! You really breezed through it and made my editing work so much easier.


—Client Frank Durrett, BI Worldwide
to Nicola Barber, Talent Poole Voice Talent

They love the piece, she (Kendra Hoffman) did a great job! You have the best talent, Geanette!

—Jane Hare, Producer

God love you, girlfriend.  You are the BEST at giving me exactly the kind of talent I ask for!!! XOXOXOXO

—Lynn Blumenthal, Casting Director

Thank you so much for the year, Geanette.  I can truly say that you have spoiled me as far as the way you treat your talent.  Other companies have been trying to get me on their end, but I'm satisfied with where I am…….I don't think they cancan match Talent Poole care and the personal treatment. Thanks again, 

—Boima Freeman, Performer

Everyone loved Santa Joe! That was the first thing I heard about when I came into work yesterday. They said he was a dream to work with and the kids loved him. One of the ladies was so amazed at his 'real whiskers'!  Thanks for making me look like a rock star!!!

—Suzanne Roberts, Lockheed Martin

I wanted to let you know what a great experience it was working with you- as well as shooting with Nathan Shrake & Samantha Coady.  They were both a lot of fun to work with, took direction easily, were super focused, and gave 100%.  Nathan gets brownie points for sucking it up and shooting in the frigid cold with me (my dry hands have still not recovered!) and Samantha brought wonderful energy and enthusiasm to our green screen shoot.  I am really impressed with both Nathan and Sam's professionalism. The last few days we've been editing the piece and the footage is looking good, I'm incredibly pleased with what we got, and our client loves it too.  Win-win! Please give my best to Nathan & Samantha and thank them both again for the good work!

 —Angie Prindle, Writer/Producer/Director 

I wanted to thank you for all your help with our voice over selections.  Flip, Kate, and Brad were excellent.  Thomson was very pleased with their work and so were we.  

—Jamie McCulloch, Miller Creative Media, Inc.

Thanks for checking your mail so late!  This now makes YOU the terrificest!!  Thanks so much for everything Geanette! 

—Happiest Actor Ever - Nate Shrake

Geanette, our writer, Steve, really liked Keith.  Thank you for the solid suggestion.

—Abby Ruben, Producer

I like the way you look out for your talent.  You are truly the best agent and I will only accept jobs that you offer.  Thank you for taking such good care of us, all of us.

—Elease Potter - Actor

Nick Lauren was absolutely great on Wednesday - on time, pleasant, willing  to go above and beyond - top notch!  Please pass along my gratitude to him.

—Sarah Kottke Palm - Producer

I wanted to let you know that each and every one of the talent for the Cox shoot was FAB!  The 1st location was a bear...no AC and no one complained AND they appeared cool as well.  On my end of things (wardrobe)... they all brought exactly what I had talked to them about and they brought options!!!  They looked great!  If you do a follow up with any of them...send my compliments and thanks!!!

—Deborah Fiscus, Wardrobe

I just wanted to thank you for working so hard in sending me out on auditions. I'm really glad I booked this shoot through you.  This really boosted my confidence. I owe it to you.

— Rose Le Tran, Actor

Just a note to let you know your guys did a great job!  They came prepared, ready to go, on time and on spot with their interpretations.  They took direction well and were a pleasure to work with.

—Gene Fournier, Manager, Media Resources, Emerson Process Management

Kathryn did an outstanding job--everyone thought so!  She was incredibly well prepared and really delivered on what we wanted.  We couldn't be happier.  And she was, by far, the clients' FIRST choice.  Please tell her "Job well done!"

—Julie Peterson, Producer, Sinard

The shoot went great - Dave was perfect!

—Catherine Barthman, Meditech Communications, Inc.

Thank you (and Tom) for everything you've done for me this year.  I am so happy to be with your agency, with agents who I feel comfortable talking to, and who are working to help their talent become better and more successful in every way.  I can't wait to see what next year holds for all of us!

—BillieJo Konze, Talent Poole Exclusive Talent

Thanks again to both of you for making this go sooo smoothly. I will send you the link to the final product. You have helped Digital Mix Inc produce another top notch product that helps us stand out above the rest.

—Kelly J. Piller, Digital Mix Inc. - President

I just want to say THANK YOU for all your help on this! You are a fantastic outfit and I hope we get the chance to work with you again soon!

—Kathy Tuzinski, PreVisor

Just want to say how over and over these past weeks I've heard from others at the office what an ace Becca is for our voiceover work. Her voice conveys assurance, friendly warmth, and professional confidence. I always think that teachers learning our software would wish she was a co-worker who was right down the hall.

— Bonnie Anderson, Marketing Communications Manager, MakeMusic, Inc.

It was an absolutely fabulous shoot. What a great bunch. Each one looked sooo good on camera. It's going to be a great spot!

—Lisa Illies, Slumberland